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Registry Easy – The Easiest Way to Fix Registry Related Problems

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Registry Easy is a registry cleaner which is meant for PC users. It can clean up your PC registry and improve your system’s performance. It is the latest addition to the long list of PC tools and system utilities available for Windows users. The need for such a program need not be emphasized as anyone who uses a PC knows the importance of cleaning the registry regularly.

The registry, as you know, stores key information like configuration settings, options, operating system components, and the different types of applications running on the platform. When you use Windows, you tend to install and uninstall various programs. As a result, your PC registry keeps growing in size. At some point, it becomes unmanageably large and it affects your PC’s performance adversely.

What happens next is something that most of you might be familiar with. The system gets slowed down considerably, error messages pop up out of nowhere, installing and uninstalling becomes difficult, the system often freezes for no reason, and it often crashes as well. This indicates that something is wrong with the registry and it needs to be fixed. This is where Registry Easy can help you.

The program first scans your PC thoroughly. It removes junk files, invalid directories, duplicate files, empty registry keys, and other unwanted items. It disables unnecessary applications which slow down your system. It changes the internet browser settings and network settings and helps you surf the net at high speed. Also, true to its name, Registry Easy re-registers the keys of certain important ActiveX and .dll objects and enables you to play any sort of audio and video files and open all types of websites without any hassles.

The program comes with a tool kit which includes some useful PC tools which can make your computing experience a lot better. Startup Manager, Password Recovery, ActiveX Blocker, File Recovery, and File Splitter & Joiner are some of the prominent tools available with Registry Easy. The program also has an automatic backup feature. So, if something goes wrong, you will not lose all your important data. It also has a folder backup facility and a features backup facility which you can use to store important information.

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The company offers a free trial version which you can download to your PC. The trial version of the program is quite good, but a few important features are deactivated. They are available in the paid version of Registry Easy which is available only for registered users. The advanced version is reasonably priced. Considering the features available in the advanced version, I would have to say that it is quite a bargain. 

The bottom line is very simple. If you are looking for a good registry cleaner program, you should consider buying Registry Easy. If you are a doubting Thomas, you can give the free trial version a try and buy the advanced version if you are convinced. So, either way, it is a win-win situation for you.

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